QM3024M6 PDF – N-Ch, 30V, Fast Switching MOSFET – UBIQ

Part Number: QM3024M6

Function: N-Channel 30V, 57A, Fast Switching MOSFET

Package: PRpak 5×6 Pin Type

Manufacturer: UBIQ Semicondcutor ( www.ubiq-semi.com )


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The QM3024M6 is the highest performance trench N-ch MOSFETs with extreme high cell density , which provide excellent RDSON and gate charge for most of the synchronous buck converter applications . The device meet the RoHS and Green Product requirement , 100% EAS guaranteed with full function reliability approved. […]


1. Advanced high cell density Trench technology
2. Super Low Gate Charge
3. Excellent CdV/dt effect decline
4. 100% EAS Guaranteed
5. Green Device Available

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1. High Frequency Point-of-Load Synchronous Buck Converter for MB/NB/UMPC/VGA

2. Networking DC-DC Power System

3. Load Switch

QM3024M6 Datasheet