R2S15900SP PDF – 2ch Electronic Volume with Surround

Part Number: R2S15900SP

Function: 2ch Electronic Volume with Surround

Package: SOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Renesas Technology

Images:R2S15900SP datasheet


The R2S15900SP is an optimum audio signal processor IC for TV. It has a 5ch input selector, surround/pseudo stereo, tone control(2band), output gain control and 2ch master volume. It can control all of these functions with I2C bus.

An electronic volume control with surround sound capabilities is a feature commonly found in modern audio and home theater systems. This technology allows users to adjust the audio volume and experience surround sound effects for an immersive audio experience.


1. Volume 0 to –84dB, –∞/ 1dB step Each channel is independence control.

2. 5 input selector + MUTE

3. 2 Rec output

4. Tone control Bass: –15dB to +15dB/ 1dB step Treble: –15dB to +15dB/ 1dB step

5. Surround <Low/ High> / Pseudo Stereo

6. Mode selector Bypass/ Tone / Tone & Pseudo Stereo or Surround

7. Output gain control 0dB/ +4.5dB

8. I2C-BUS control



R2S15900SP pdf pinout

Adjusting Surround Sound: Users can often adjust the balance and intensity of surround sound effects using the electronic volume control or a dedicated remote control. This customization allows listeners to fine-tune the surround sound experience according to their preferences.


1. TV, Mini Stereo, etc

R2S15900SP PDF Datasheet

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