RDA5815 PDF – Fully Integrated Satellite Receiver

Part Number: RDA5815

Function: Fully Integrated Satellite receiver

Package: QFN 5×5 mm, 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: RDA Microelectronics


RDA5815 datasheet pdf


The RDA5815 is a fully integrated direct conversion RF front end for DVB-S, DVB-S2&ABS-S, MMDS digital satellite Reception standard CMOS process. The receiving frequency range is from 250MHz to 2300MHz, and the baseband filter’s bandwidth can be selected from 4MHz to 40MHz with 1MHz step.

The rda5815 consists of a variable gain LNA, quadrature downconverter, variable IF gain amplifiers, variable low-pass filters, reference oscillator, VCOs, synthesizer and output baseband amplifier to drive external ADC. […]

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1. Single-chip RF-to-baseband Satellite receiver
2. CMOS Fully integrated RF front end
3. Low noise and wide dynamic range zero-IF receiver
4. Input frequency range: 250 to 2300 MHz
5. Input signal level: -100 to 5 dBm
6. More than 85dB gain control range


1. Set-top boxes
2. Digital video recorders
3. Digital television
4. Satellite PC-TV

RDA5815 Datasheet

RDA5815 pdf