RSN311W64-P PDF Datasheet – Audio Power Module, ZIP 26

Part Number: RSN311W64-P

Function: Power Audio Amplifer Output IC Module

Package: ZIP 26 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic

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RSN311W64-P is Power Amplifier.

An “Audio Power Module” is a generic term that refers to a component or device used to amplify audio signals in various applications. Audio power modules are commonly used in audio equipment such as amplifiers, speakers, and other audio systems to increase the amplitude (volume) of audio signals, making them audible through speakers or headphones.

These modules typically include electronic components like transistors, integrated circuits (ICs), and other circuitry designed to provide amplification while maintaining the quality of the audio signal. The specific features and capabilities of an audio power module can vary widely depending on the application and the intended use, so there are many different types and models available in the market.


1. Power Circuit

2. PC Board



RSN311W64-P PDF Datasheet

RSN311W64 pdf