RSN3306 PDF Datasheet – Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: RSN3306

Function: Audio Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 26 Pin Module Type

Manufacturer: ETC, Panasonic


RSN3306 datasheet amplifier



RSN3306 is Audio Power Amplifier. An audio power amplifier is an electronic device designed to increase the power of audio signals to drive speakers or other output devices. The amplifier takes a low-power audio input signal and boosts it to a higher power level suitable for driving loudspeakers or headphones.

Audio power amplifiers in SIP packages are commonly used in a range of audio applications, including portable audio devices, soundbars, home theater systems, car audio systems, and various other audio equipment where space efficiency is crucial.


MUTE PROTECTION PHASE CORRECTION OUT DC DET. + OVER LOAD IC601 RSN3306 AC IN DET. GND POWER AMP (FRONT) LOAD SHORT DET. -DI +DI SENS SENS PHASE CORRECTION + – 26 25 -38.8V 24 -38.8V 23 -0.6V 22 -12.3V 21 0V 20 -0.3V 19 -0.3V 18 5.2V 17 -0.3V 16 -0.3V 15 14 13 -4.4V 12 0V 11 -12.6V 10 0V 9 -25.2V 8 24.8V 7 0V 6 -41.4V 5 41.4V 4 -18V 3 17.6V 2 -40V 1 39.8V -14.1V C616 10µ/100V D602 SB360650IT R622 120k C617 22µ/63V C618 2µ2/100V R621 18k N R623 680k R607 56k C609 220p R647 220 C607 10p R608 56k C608 10p D601 SB360650IT R614 1k R613 1k R625 R624 C621 10µ/100V C622 10µ/100V D606 MA165TA C614 680p C613 680p C601 50V/3.3 (L5) (R5) R601 1k R602 1k N N R618 47k R619 22k L601 0µ7 R609 47 L602 0µ7 R610 47 R624, 625 150k [E, EB, EG] 56k [G, GN] C604 680p C603 680p R620 ! 22R 1/4W R603 56k R604 56k C602 50V/3.3 R642 4k7 R648 220 C610 220p R615 180k ! R612 10R 1/2W R629 22k R630 22k R634 1k R633 1k 3.9V R606 1k8 R632 10k -0.9V -0.3V C605 22µ/63V D608 MA165TA C612 0.047 Q602 -27.2V R631 10k Q601 SERWIS ELEKTRONIKI ! R611 10R 1/2W Q601, 602 2SA1309AIRTA RELAY DRIVE D603 MA700ATA C606 22µ/63V R605 1k8 C615 47µ/50V R617 47k R616 150k C611 0.047 A B C D E […]


RSN3306 pinout

RSN3306 PDF Datasheet