RSN3306A PDF – Power Amplifier Module

Part Number: RSN3306A

Function: Power Amplifier

Package: ZIP 26 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sony, Panasonic





The RSN3306A is a specific model number associated with a hybrid integrated circuit (IC) developed by Panasonic Corporation. It is commonly used as an audio power amplifier module in various audio equipment and systems.

4-channel audio power modules are commonly used in audio equipment and systems that require multi-channel amplification, such as surround sound systems, car audio systems, AV receivers, and home theater systems. They provide a convenient and space-efficient solution for driving multiple speakers or audio outputs simultaneously.


MUTE PROTECTION PHASE CORRECTION OUT DC DET. + OVER LOAD IC601 RSN3306A AC IN DET. GND POWER AMP (FRONT) LOAD SHORT DET. -DI +DI SENS SENS PHASE CORRECTION + – 26 25 -38.8V 24 -38.8V 23 -0.6V 22 -12.3V 21 0V 20 -0.3V 19 -0.3V 18 5.2V 17 -0.3V 16 -0.3V 15 14 13 -4.4V 12 0V 11 -12.6V 10 0V 9 -25.2V 8 24.8V 7 0V 6 -41.4V 5 41.4V 4 -18V 3 17.6V 2 -40V 1 39.8V -14.1V C616 10µ/100V D602 SB360650IT R622 120k C617 22µ/63V C618 2µ2/100V R621 18k N R623 680k R607 56k C609 220p R647 220 C607 10p R608 56k C608 10p D601 SB360650IT R614 1k R613 1k R625 R624 C621 10µ/100V C622 10µ/100V D606 MA165TA C614 680p C613 680p C601 50V/3.3 (L5) (R5) R601 1k R602 1k N N R618 47k R619 22k L601 0µ7 R609 47 L602 0µ7 R610 47 R624, 625 150k [E, EB, EG] 56k [G, GN] C604 680p C603 680p R620 ! 22R 1/4W R603 56k R604 56k C602 50V/3.3 R642 4k7 R648 220 C610 220p R615 180k ! R612 10R 1/2W R629 22k R630 22k R634 1k R633 1k 3.9V R606 1k8 R632 10k -0.9V -0.3V C605 22µ/63V D608 MA165TA C612 0.047 Q602 -27.2V R631 10k Q601 SERWIS ELEKTRONIKI ! R611 10R 1/2W Q601, 602 2SA1309AIRTA RELAY DRIVE D603 MA700ATA C606 22µ/63V R605 1k8 C615 47µ/50V R617 47k R616 150k C611 0.047 A B C D E […]


RSN3306A pdf pinout datasheet


RSN3306A PDF Datasheet