RTL8363SB PDF Datasheet – Ethernet Switch Controller

Part Number: RTL8363SB


Package: LQFP128 Type

Manufacturer: Realtek

Images:RTL8363SB pdf controller


The RTL8363SB is an LQFP128, high-performance 2+2-port 10/100/1000M Ethernet switch. It
features low-power integrated dual-port Gigabit PHYs that support 1000Base-T, 100Base-TX, and 10Base-T.

For specific applications, the RTL8363S supports two extra interfaces that can be configured as
GMII/RGMII/MII interfaces. The RTL8363SB integrates all the functions of a high-speed switch system; including SRAM for packet buffering, non-blocking switch fabric, and internal register management into a single CMOS device. Only a 25MHz crystal is required; an optional EEPROM is offered for internal register configuration.

In order to support flexible traffic classification, the RTL8363 supports 64-entry ACL rule check and
multiple actions options. Each port can optionally enable or disable the ACL rule check function. The
ACL rule key can be based on packet physical port, Layer2, Layer3, and Layer4 information. When an
ACL rule matches, the action taken is configurable to Drop/Permit/Redirect/Mirror, change priority value
in 802.1q/Q tag, and rate policing. The rate policing mechanism supports from 8Kbps to 1Gbps (in 8Kbps


1. Single-chip 2+2-port gigabit non-blocking switch architecture

2. Embedded Dual-port 10/100/1000Base-T PHY

3. Each port supports full duplex 10/100/1000M connectivity (half duplex only supported in 10/100M mode)

4. Extra Interface (Extension GMAC0 and Extension GMAC1) supports

5. Dual-port Media Independent Interface (MII)

6. Dual-port Reduced Gigabit Media Independent Interface (RGMII)

7. Dual-port Gigabit Media Independent Interface (GMII)


RTL8363SB datasheet pinout

RTL8363SB PDF Datasheet

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