RTM876-660 PDF Datasheet – Frequency Generator – Realtek

Part Number: RTM876-660

Function: Single-chip Frequency Generator

Package: SSOP 56 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Realtek Semiconductor


RTM876-660 pdf datasheet


The RTM876-660 is a 56 pin single-chip frequency generator.

A frequency generator, also known as a signal generator or function generator, is an electronic device used to generate electrical waveforms with specific frequencies and shapes. These waveforms can be used for various purposes in electronics, testing, and research. Frequency generators are commonly found in laboratories, production environments, and electronics design and testing applications.

Support Pin Features

1. 2 – Differential pairs push-pull CPU @0.8V or @3.3V

2. 6 – Differential pairs push-pull PCI-E @0.8V

3. 1 – Differential pairs push-pull SATA @0.8V or PCI-E @0.8V

4. 1 – Differential pairs push-pull DOT96/ [email protected] or 2-Link @3.3V

5. 7 – PCI @3.3V

6. 2 – 48MHz @3.3V

7. 3 – REF @3.3V, 14.318MHz



1. Programmable frequency with CPU/PCIE/AGP/PCI

2. CPU working range support from 100MHz to 400MHz

3. Independent clock group Spread spectrum for EMI control

4. Power Management function support

5. Watchdog programmable time base reset output

6. 4-steps programmable drive strength

7. 16-steps programmable skew adjustment with 75p resolution


realtek RTM876-660 audio driver


RTM876-660 PDF Datasheet