SAF7741HV PDF – Dual IF Car Radio and Audio DSP

This post explains for the Digital Signal Processor.

The Part Number is SAF7741HV.

The package is HLQFP144 Type

The function of this semiconductor is Dual IF car radio and audio DSP.

Manufacturer: NXP

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SAF7741HV pdf


A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor designed to efficiently perform mathematical operations on digital signals. It is commonly used in applications that require real-time signal processing, such as audio and video processing, telecommunications, radar systems, and control systems.

DSPs excel at manipulating and analyzing digital signals because they are optimized for performing computations on discrete data samples. They typically have dedicated hardware components, such as multiply-accumulate (MAC) units and specialized instruction sets, which enable them to execute arithmetic and logical operations efficiently.

The SAF7741HV is a combined Intermediate-Frequency (IF) car radio and audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with several powerful cores integrated onto a single device. It combines analog IF input, digital radio and audio processing, sample-rate converters and digital and analog audio output to enhance listening clarity and noise suppression while reducing multipath channel effect.

The SAF7741 offers user-specific functions which can be configured to match the software platform required by the systems of individual car-radio manufacturers, thus providing a high level of product differentiation. It is equipped to work with the TEF7000 and TEF6730 integrated tuners for analog and digital AM/FM decoding and sound processing.

The SAF7741HV consists of two main processing blocks; one for radio and the other for audio. These blocks demodulate either the IF or the low-IF tuner output, delivering digital audio to internal Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs). In addition to the main blocks there are a number of interfaces and dedicated sub-circuits […]

SAF7741HV pinout datasheet


. AGC control of the TEF6730 tuner front-end PIN diodes, with an analog signal via the Radio General-Purpose DAC (RGP DAC) output: one DAC for each radio data path

. Integrated IF filter with bandwidth of 100 kHz or 400 kHz

. Two wideband outputs for external digital radio decoding; one output for each data-path

. Two Radio Data System (RDS) decoders

. Five bit-stream, 3rd order audio, ΣΔ ADCs with an anti-aliasing broadband input-filter

. Eight configurable analog inputs (differential/stereo/mono) connected to any of the five ADCs using an analog switchbox

. Dedicated DSP for the Sample Rate Converter (SRC)

SAF7741HV PDF Datasheet