SAQ8818 PDF – High Performance PWM Controller

A PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller is an electronic device or circuit that generates a digital signal to control the power supplied to a load, typically a motor, an LED, or another type of electrical device. PWM controllers are widely used in various applications where precise control of the average voltage or current delivered to the load is necessary.

Part Number: SAQ8818

Function: High Performance PWM Controller

Package: DIP, SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SAQCN


SAQ8818 datasheet pdf


SAQ8818 and its application is a powerful switching power supply solution. It adopts unique technology and is suitable for the management of CCFL backlight, EEFL backlight and LED backlight for LCD products according to different designs, as well as DC power supply for switching power supplies such as computer power supplies, home appliances, and communication products. -DC conversion control, the product has full functions and high compatibility.


1. P OUT1, O, Output driver P1
2. P OUT2, O, Output driver P2
3. N OUT2, O, Output driver N2
4. VCC, -, The power supplies PIN
5. SLECT, O, To Set the output
6. VREF, O, The voltage for reference
7. PR SLECT, I, To set the lever of the Open lamp protection
8, OLP, I, The PIN of the Open lamp protection
9, IN+, I, The inverting input of the error amplifier for +
10. IN-, I, The inverting input of the error amplifier for –
11. COMP, O, Output of the error amplifier
12. CLAMP, O, Over voltage clamping
13. CTOSC, I/O, Set frequency of main frequency for PWM controller
14. LOAD/RT, I/O, An external resistor connected to change frequency
15. GND, -, The ground PIN
16. N OUT1, O, Output driver N1 […]

Block Diagram:

SAQ8818 datasheet


1. CCFL backlight system.

2. EEFL backlight system.

3. LED backlight system.

4. LCD monitors and LCD TV products.

5. Mobile TV, mobile DVD.

SAQ8818 PDF Datasheet