SARS02 PDF Datasheet – 800V, Auxiliary Switch Diode

Part Number: SARS02

Function: 800V, Auxiliary Switch Diode

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Sanken

Images:SARS02 pdf diode


Auxiliary Switch Diode for Snubber SARS01 / SARS05 / SARS10. The SARS02 is the auxiliary switch diode for snubber circuit, used in the primary side clamp snubber circuit of switched-mode power supplies with fly back topology. Since the ringing voltage at turning off the power MOSFET is more reduced by the clamp snubber circuit using SARS, the cross regulation of multi-outputs is improved.

Being capable of reducing the ringing voltage generated at power MOSFET turn-off, the SARS01/05-incorporated snubber circuits allow better cross regulation of multiple outputs. The SARS01/05 can also improve power supply efficiency by partially transferring such ringing voltage into the secondary side of a power supply unit.


1. Improving cross regulation

2. Reducing noise

3. Improving efficiency


SARS02 datasheet


For Switched-mode power supply (SMPS) with flyback topology such as for the followings:

1. White goods

2. Adaptor

3. Industrial equipment

SARS02 PDF Datasheet

SARS02 pdf