SC-9100 PDF Datasheet – DDC Controller – Johnson

Part Number: SC-9100

Function: DDC Controller

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: Johnson Controls


SC-9100 pdf datasheet


DDC Controller stands for “Direct Digital Control Controller.” It is a device used in building automation systems (BAS) and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems to regulate and control various building functions digitally.

SC-9100 is a preconfigured, controller, designed for the control of heating, ventilation or air conditioning installations. The SC-9100 is a unique controller with multiple standard applications, which can be chosen from the controller’s memory during installation. Parameters can be adapted to fit the exact requirements. Other application programs may be created on quantity order. The display shows in clear text the inputs, outputs and main control information. The controller is protected to avoid unauthorized use (password). The SC 9100 is a full stand-alone controller, and may be connected to a communication bus as part of a JOHNSON CONTROLS Supervisory System. The room command module SC-9180 may be connected to the SC-9100 to provide remote set point and real time clock. Series SC-9100 Easy DDC Controller and Application Manual Features and Benefits ! Ready-to-use connection diagrams ! Great number of application programs available from a single controller No extra engineering required The most adapted solution for your application is ready to use. Provides easy reading of the control information Simplifies the installation Possibility to integrate the SC 9100 into a Johnson Controls supervisory system Accuracy of digital clock and easy reading through LCD display ! Clear alpha-numeric backlighted display ! Removable connectors, DIN rail mounting or screw mounting ! Communication bus ! Real time clock option using SC-9180 room command module © 1999 Johnson Controls, Inc. Order No. PD-SC9100-E B18 http:// 2

Version number Country Code e.g. 001 For USA 033 For France 852 For Hong Kong Sensors and Actuators The sensors and actuators, which are to be used in connection with the SC-9100, are defined in the “Application Note” bulletins. Sensor Series: • TS -91 • RS -91 Valves and Actuators: Accessories: SC-9100-MK: Panel mount kit • VB • VG • VA • RA • M- 91 and M-92 Auxiliary devices: • Frost protection 270XT • Room command module SC-9180 Application Overview Hardware: 4 analog inputs (2 x 0/10 V or NTC, 2 x NTC) 2 digital inputs (potential free contacts) 3 analog outputs (0/10 V) 2 triacs outputs (24 VAC, 0,5 A) 1 relay output (24 VAC, 2 A) Installation Tools required: screwdriver, insulation stripping tool. Wiring: Before connecting or disconnecting any wires, ensure that all power supplies have been switched off to prevent equipment damage and avoid electrical shock. Separate extra low voltage (safe) wiring from power line voltage wiring. The 24 V supply must be stable and not shared with other switched inductive loads. Software: SC-9100 contains PI modules, ON/OFF, calculations (e.g. set point reset by outside tempera-ture), logic controls (e.g. frost protection, clock) Applications: The SC-9100 applications a […]

SC-9100 pinout controller

SC-9100 PDF Datasheet