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What is SD4841?

This is Current Mode PWM Controller. A current mode PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller is an electronic device used in power electronic circuits to regulate the output voltage of a power supply. It compares a reference signal to a feedback signal from the output of the power supply and adjusts the duty cycle of the PWM signal sent to a power switch to maintain the desired output voltage.

Function: Current Mode PWM Controller

Package : DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Silan Microelectronics

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SD4841 is a current mode PWM controller with low standby power and low start current for power switch. In standby mode, the circuit enters burst mode to reduce the standby power dissipation.
The switch frequency is 67KHz with ±2.5 KHz jitter frequency for low EMI.
The stress on transformer during power on is reduced by the built-in 15ms soft start circuit to avoid the saturation of transformer. […]

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1. Lower start-up current (Typ.6μA)

2. Frequency jitter for low EMI

3. Overcurrent protection

4. Overvoltage protection

5. Undervoltage lockout

6. Built-in temperature protection

7. Built-in high voltage MOSFET

8. Auto restart mode

9. Built-in soft start

10. Burst mode operation

11. Cycle by cycle current limit

SD4841 PDF Datasheet