SFC2741DC PDF Datasheet – Operational Amplifier

Part Number: SFC2741, SFC2741DC

Function: Linear Integrated Circuit – Operational Amplifier

Package: CB-98 Type

Manufacturer: ETC


SFC2741DC datasheet


SFC2741DC is Operational Amplifier. An operational amplifier, often abbreviated as “op-amp,” is a versatile electronic component or integrated circuit (IC) with two input terminals (inverting and non-inverting), one output terminal, and typically a high differential gain. Op-amps are fundamental building blocks in analog electronic circuits and are widely used for various signal processing tasks, including amplification, filtering, signal conditioning, and mathematical operations.

SFC2741DC pdf


1. Signal amplification: Increasing the amplitude of weak signals.

2. Signal filtering: Passband and bandstop filtering.

3. Voltage level shifting: Adjusting voltage levels.

4. Voltage followers: Buffering and impedance matching.

5. Integrators and differentiators: Performing mathematical operations.

Other data sheets are available within the file: SFC2741C, SFC2741, SFC2741EC, SFC2741KM, SFC2741M

SFC2741DC PDF Datasheet

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