SG901-1071 PDF Datasheet – Miniature Wi-Fi Radio Chip

Part Number: SG901-1071

Function: Miniature Wi-Fi Radio Single Chip

Manufacturer: SAGRAD


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The SG901-1071 Module is a single chip based 802.11b/g/n WLAN radio for embedded, lowpower and extremely small form factor mobile applications. The product conforms to the IEEE 802.11b, g, and n protocols operating in the 2.45GHz ISM frequency band supporting 802.11n modulations up to 72.2Mbps, all OFDM modulations, and all mandatory 802.11b modulations. The SG901-1071 is a fully integrated wireless radio including RF Synthesizer/VCO, high-speed data converters, digital baseband processor, onboard MAC and PHY processors, Power Management, Power Amplifier, and LNA. An on-board EEPROM stores calibration data for alignment-free integration. Bluetooth integration features of the radio are made available. An on-board crystal and filter simplify system integration. Just add one 1.8V regulator, 3.3V Power, Antenna, and host communications.



• Very Small Footprint (12.7×10.3mm) RoHs compliant Fully integrated 802.11 System Solution Ultra Low Current consumption Fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11bg, and n WLAN standards Support for 802.11n modulations up to 72.2Mbps, and all 802.11g and mandatory 802.11b modulations Intelligent Power Control, Including 802.11 Power Save Mode Supports SPI interface Supports SDIO interface


• Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) • Portable Computers • Hand-held Data Transfer Devices • Cameras • Computer Peripherals • Cable Replacement • Cellular Phones Ordering Information Tape and Reel Bulk SG901-1071-TR SG901-1071-BLK Evaluation Kit Available 1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 0.1 […]

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SG901-1071 Datasheet