SH69P26 PDF – OTP 6K, 4-Bit Micro-Controller ( Datasheet )

Part Number: SH69P26

Function: OTP 6K 4-Bit Micro-Controller

Package: SOP 28 Pin, DIP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sino Wealth


SH69P26 pdf datasheet



The SH69P26 is a single-chip 4-bit micro-controller. This device integrates a SH6610D CPU core, 6K words of OTPROM, 389 nibbles of RAM, two 8-bit timer/counter and one 16-bit timer / counter, comparator, two channel tone generators, on-chip oscillator clock circuitry, on-chip watchdog timer, low voltage reset function. The SH69P26 is suitable for microwave oven


1. SH6610D-based single-chip 4-bit micro-controller

2. OTPROM: 6k X 16 bits

3. RAM: 389 X 4 bits
(1) 69 System control register
(2) 320 Data memory

4. Operation voltage:
(1) fOSC = 30kHz – 4MHz, VDD = 2.4V – 5.5V
(2) fOSC = 4MHz – 8MHz, VDD = 4.5V – 5.5V

5. 29 CMOS bi-directional I/O pins

6. 8-level stack (including interrupts)

7. Two 8-bit auto re-loaded timer/counter, one can switch to external clock source

8. Warm-up timer

9. Built-in pull-high for I/O port


SH69P26 pinout

SH69P26 PDF Datasheet