SLA-12VDC-SL-A Datasheet – 12V, DC Relay – Songle

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The Part Number is SLA-12VDC-SL-A.

Manufacturer: Songle

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This is songle relay.


1. Up to 30A switching in SPST and 20A switching in spot arrangements.

2. Available as an open-frame relay, with a snap-on dust cover or with an immersion cleanable, plastic sealed case.


Used for power switching, Electrical Heater, ventilator, Air conditioning,


SLA XX VDC Refrigerating, Automobile and House-hold Appliance. SLC Model of relay SLA Nominal coil voltage 05 06 09 12 18 24 48 110VDC Structure S:Sealed type F:Flux free type Coil sensitivity L:0.93W D:Special Contact form A:1 form A B:1 form B C:1 form C 4. RATING 20A/28VDC 250VAC 30A/30VDC 250VAC CCC FILE NUMBER:CQC03001003728 30A/250VDC UL/CUL FILE NUMBER: E179944 NO:20A/240VAC 28VDC NC:10A/240VAC 28VDC TUV FILE NUMBER: R50056114 NO:30A/250VAC 30VDC NC:20A/250VAC 30VDC 5. DIMENSION(unit:mm) DRILLING(unit:mm) WIRING DIAGRAM 1 6. COIL DATA CHART (AT20 ö C) Coil Sensitivity Coil […]


SLA-12VDC-SL-A Datasheet