SM0038 PDF – Infrared Receiver Module (SM0038 = HS0038)

Part Number: SM0038

Function: Infrared Receiver Module (SM0038 = HS0038)

Package: 3 Pin Type

Manufacturer: PDGDLED

Images:SM0038 pdf pinout


SM0038 is Infrared Receiver Module. An Infrared (IR) Receiver Module is an electronic device designed to receive and demodulate infrared signals. It is commonly used in various applications, including remote control systems, data communication, and sensing. These modules are particularly prevalent in consumer electronics where they receive IR signals from remote controls to perform functions like changing TV channels or adjusting the volume.


1. IR Signal Reception: The primary function of an IR receiver module is to detect and receive infrared signals transmitted by IR transmitters or remote controls.

2. Demodulation: IR signals are typically modulated at a specific carrier frequency, commonly around 38 kHz. The IR receiver module includes demodulation circuitry to strip away the carrier frequency, leaving the original data or commands.

3. Digital Output: After demodulation, the module provides a digital output that corresponds to the received IR signal. This output is usually in the form of binary data, making it easy to interpret and process.

4. Sensitivity: IR receiver modules are sensitive to IR radiation and can detect signals even at moderate distances from the transmitter, depending on the power of the IR source.

Beyond remote control systems, IR receiver modules are used in a wide range of applications, including IR data communication, security systems, proximity sensors, and automation systems.

SM0038 PDF Datasheet

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