SM8952A PDF Datasheet – 8-Bit Micro-controller

Part Number: SM8952A

Function: 8-Bit Micro-controller

Package: DIP 40, PLCC 44, QFP 44 Pin type

Manufacturer: SyncMOS


2 page


The SM8951A, SM8952A series product is an 8 – bit single chip micro controller with 4/8 KB flash embedded. It provides hardware features and a powerful instruction set, necessary to make it a versatile and cost effective controller for those applications demand up to 32 I/O pins or need up to 4/8 KB flash memory either for program or for data or mixed. To program the flash block, a commercial programmer is capable to do it.


1. General 8052 family compatible

2. 12 clocks per machine cycle

3. 4/8 KB internal flash memory

4. 128/256 bytes data RAM

5. 2/3 16 bit timers/counters

6. Four 8-bit I/O ports

7. Full duplex serial channel

8. Bit operation instruction

9. Page free jumps  [ … ]

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SM8952A Datasheet

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