SM8952A PDF Datasheet – 8-Bit Microcontroller

Part Number: SM8952A

Function: 8-Bit Micro-controller

Package: DIP 40, PLCC 44, QFP 44 Pin type

Manufacturer: SyncMOS

Images:SM8952A pdf microcontroller


An 8-bit microcontroller is a type of microcontroller that processes data in 8-bit chunks. It’s a type of integrated circuit (IC) designed for embedded control applications, where it can perform tasks like processing inputs, controlling outputs, and running simple algorithms.

The SM8951A, SM8952A series product is an 8-bit single chip microcontroller with 4/8 KB flash embedded. It provides hardware features and a powerful instruction set, necessary to make it a versatile and cost effective controller for those applications demand up to 32 I/O pins or need up to 4/8 KB flash memory either for program or for data or mixed. To program the flash block, a commercial programmer is capable to do it.


1. General 8052 family compatible

2. 12 clocks per machine cycle

3. 4/8 KB internal flash memory

4. 128/256 bytes data RAM

5. 2/3 16 bit timers/counters

6. Four 8-bit I/O ports

7. Full duplex serial channel

8. Bit operation instruction

9. Page free jumps  [ … ]


SM8952A pinout datasheet

SM8952A PDF Datasheet

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