SMA42056 PDF Datasheet – Red, Single Digit Numeric Display

Part Number: SMA42056

Function: 0.56″, Single Digit Numeric Display ( Super Red Color )

Manufacturer: ETC


3 page


This is 0.56″ Single Digit Numeric Display.

1. The SMA561XXX series is a lager 14.20mm(0.56 ″) high seven segments display designed for viewing distances up to 7 meters.

2. These displays provide excellent reliability in bright ambient light.

3. These devices are made with white segments and black surface


1. 0.56″(inch) digit height.

2. Excellent segment uniformity.

3. Sold state reliability.

4. Industrial standard size.

5. Low power consumption.


1. Audio equipment.

2. Instrument panels.

3. Digital read out display.





SMA42056 Datasheet