SN8P2714 PDF – 8-bit, Micro-controller ( Datasheet )

Part Number: SN8P2714

Function: 8-bit micro-controller build-in 12-bit ADC

Package: DIP, SOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sonix


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SN8P2714 image


The SN8P2714 is 8-bit micro-controller build-in 12-bit ADC.


1. System clocks and Operating modes

(1) External high clock: RC type up to 10 MHz
(2) External high clock: Crystal type up to 16 MHz
(3) Internal low clock: RC type 16KHz(3V), 32KHz(5V)
(4) Normal mode: Both high and low clock active

2. Memory configuration

(1) OTP ROM size: 2K * 16 bits.
(2) RAM size: 128 * 8 bits
(3) Eight levels stack buffer


3. Four interrupt sources

(1) Two internal interrupts: TC0, TC1
(2) Two external interrupts: INT0, INT1



SN8P2714 Datasheet

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