SN8P2714 PDF Datasheet – 8-bit, Micro-controller – Sonix

Part Number: SN8P2714

Function: 8-bit microcontroller build-in 12-bit ADC

Package: DIP, SOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sonix


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SN8P2714 pdf datasheet


The SN8P2714 is 8-bit micro-controller build-in 12-bit ADC.

An 8-bit microcontroller is a type of microcontroller (MCU) that uses an 8-bit data bus, which means it processes data in 8-bit chunks. Microcontrollers are small computing devices designed for embedded systems, and they are commonly used in various applications, including consumer electronics, industrial control systems, automotive systems, and more.


1. System clocks and Operating modes

(1) External high clock: RC type up to 10 MHz
(2) External high clock: Crystal type up to 16 MHz
(3) Internal low clock: RC type 16KHz(3V), 32KHz(5V)
(4) Normal mode: Both high and low clock active

2. Memory configuration

(1) OTP ROM size: 2K * 16 bits.
(2) RAM size: 128 * 8 bits
(3) Eight levels stack buffer


3. Four interrupt sources

(1) Two internal interrupts: TC0, TC1
(2) Two external interrupts: INT0, INT1

sonix SN8P2714 pinout


SN8P2714 PDF Datasheet

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