SOC100x PDF Datasheet – Thin Film Compensated Sensor

Part Number: SOC100x

Function: SOC Series / 0 to 1 psi to 0 to 100 psi / Thin Film Compensated Sensors

Manufacturer: Invensys Sensor

Images:SOC100x pinout sensor


A Thin Film Compensated Sensor (TFCS) is a type of sensor that utilizes thin film technology for compensation and accuracy enhancement. It is commonly used in various sensing applications, including pressure, temperature, and humidity measurements.

1. Thin Film Technology: The sensor employs thin film materials, typically deposited on a substrate, to create the sensing elements. These thin films are engineered to exhibit specific properties, such as piezoresistive, capacitive, or resistive behavior, depending on the type of sensor.

2. Compensation Mechanism: The compensation aspect of a TFCS is designed to offset any potential errors or inaccuracies that might arise due to factors like temperature changes, manufacturing variations, or aging effects. These factors can introduce variations in the sensor’s output, impacting its accuracy.

The SOC series parts are designed for applications where anaccurate, fully calibrated and compensated sensor is needed in a very small package.


1. Button and DIP Package

2. Extremely small Size

3. On-chip temperature compensation

4. Low Noise

5. High Impedance

SOC100x pdf datasheet


1. Medical Equipment

2. Computer Peripherals

SOC100x PDF Datasheet

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