SSC9522S PDF Datasheet – Switching Control IC, SOP 18

Part Number: SSC9522S

Function: Current-Resonant Off-Line Switching Control IC

Package: SOP 18 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sanken


SSC9522S pdf datasheet



The SSC9522S is a controller IC (SMZ* method) for half-bridge resonant type power supply, incorporating a floating drive circuit for the high-side power MOSFET drive.
The product achieves high efficiency, low noise and high cost-performance power supply systems with few external components. […]


1. Built-in floating drive circuit for high-side power MOSFET

2.  Soft Start Function

3. Capacitive Mode Operation Detection Function (Pulse-by-pulse)

4. Automatic Dead Time Adjustment Function

5. Brown-in and Brown-out Function


1. Digital appliance
2. Office automation equipment
3. Industrial equipment
4. Communication equipment, etc

SSC9522S Datasheet