STK2025 PDF Datasheet – 2Ch, Darlington AF Power Amplifier

Part Number: STK2025

Function: 2-Channel Darlington Power Pack ( With emitter resistance )

Case Outline : 4015 Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo


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STK2025 pdf datasheet


General output stage of power amplifier has a difficult and complex problem about heat sink designing and its setting. Sanyo’s D.P.P. intends to decrease eletronic parts and rationalize a manufacturing process by designing IC of only output stage of power amplifier.

An AF (Audio Frequency) Power Amplifier is an electronic device or circuit designed to amplify low-frequency audio signals, typically in the range of human hearing (20 Hz to 20,000 Hz). The primary purpose of an AF power amplifier is to take a weak audio signal, such as the output from a microphone, a musical instrument, or an audio source, and increase its power and voltage level to drive a loudspeaker or headphones, thereby producing audible sound.


1. IMST system

2. Output stage for AF high power amplifier

3. Dual power supply

4. Darlington type pure / quasi-complementary circut


STK2025 circuit diagram

Other data sheets are available within the file: STK0030, STK1030, STK2230, STK8050, STK8280

STK2025 PDF Datasheet

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