STK4141 PDF Datasheet – 25W, 2Ch, AF Power Amplifier

This post explains for the Amplifier.

The Part Number is STK4141, STK4141II.

The function of this semiconductor is 2-channel AF Power Amplifier

Package: ZIP Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo

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STK4141 amplifier


STK4141 is 25W min, 2-Channel AF Power Amplifier. This is thick film hybrid IC.

An AF (Audio Frequency) power amplifier is an electronic amplifier designed to amplify low-frequency audio signals, typically in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and deliver them to a load, such as a loudspeaker, with sufficient power to produce audible sound. AF power amplifiers are a critical component in audio systems, including home audio, professional audio, public address (PA) systems, and various entertainment and communication devices.

1. Amplification: The primary function of an AF power amplifier is to amplify weak audio signals, such as those from microphones, musical instruments, or audio playback sources (e.g., CD players, smartphones), to a level suitable for driving speakers or headphones.

2. Power Output: AF power amplifiers are capable of providing significant power to drive audio transducers, such as loudspeakers or headphones. The power output is measured in watts (W) and determines how loud the audio can be reproduced.


1. Smaller-sized package as compared with the STK450 series

2. Built-in muting circuit to cut off various kinds of shock noise

3. Greatly reduced heat sink due to case temperatue 125°C guaranteed.

4. Excellect cost performance.

Block Diagram:

STK4141 pinout datasheet

STK4141 PDF Datasheet

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