STK442-130 PDF – Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: STK442-130

Function: 2 X 150W, Audio Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo, ETC

Images:STK442-130 pdf amplifier


STK442-130, A Class AB 2-channel AF Power Amplifier is an electronic device designed to amplify audio signals with relatively high efficiency and low distortion.

1. Power amplifiers are classified based on their operating characteristics. Class AB is a type of amplifier that combines the features of Class A and Class B amplifiers. Class AB amplifiers are more efficient than Class A amplifiers but have lower distortion than Class B amplifiers.

2. This refers to the number of independent audio channels the amplifier can handle. In the case of a 2-channel power amplifier, it can amplify two separate audio signals, typically intended for stereo sound systems with a left and right channel.

3. This specifies that the amplifier is designed to handle signals within the audio frequency range, which covers the range of human hearing (typically 20 Hz to 20 kHz).

STK442-130 pinout datasheet

In summary, a Class AB 2 Channels AF Power Amplifier is a device capable of amplifying two separate audio signals within the audio frequency range, with efficiency and low distortion characteristics provided by its Class AB amplifier design. Such amplifiers are commonly used in various audio applications, such as home audio systems, car audio systems, and professional audio setups.


STK442-130 PDF Datasheet

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