STK730-010 – Semi-Regulated Switching Regulator

Part Number: STK730-010

Function: Self-Excitation Type Semi-Regulated Switching Regulator

Package: SIP 12 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo


1STK730-010 pdf


A self-excitation type semi-regulated switching regulator is a type of power supply circuit that combines elements of both switching regulators and linear regulators. It is designed to provide a regulated DC output voltage while also offering some advantages of switching regulators, such as high efficiency and compact size.


1. Regulation: The circuit includes a linear regulator section that provides basic voltage regulation. It utilizes a feedback mechanism to compare the output voltage with a reference voltage and adjusts the control element accordingly to maintain a relatively constant output voltage.

2. Self-Excitation: The term “self-excitation” refers to the ability of the circuit to start up and generate the regulated output voltage without requiring an external power supply for the control circuitry. This feature allows for a simpler overall system design.

3. Switching Element: Similar to a switching regulator, a self-excitation type semi-regulated switching regulator employs a switching element (typically a transistor or a MOSFET) to switch the input voltage on and off rapidly. This switching action helps achieve high efficiency by reducing power dissipation compared to linear regulators.


STK730-010 pinout datasheet

STK730-010 PDF Datasheet