STR-A6351A PDF Datasheet – Hybrid IC, Sanken – STR-A6300

Part Number: STR-A6351A, STR-A6300 Series

Function: Hybrid IC with a built-in power MOSFET and a controller IC

Manufacturer: SanKen


STR-A6351A datasheet pdf


STR-A6351A, STR-A6300 series is a hybrid IC with a built-in power MOSFET and a controller IC, designed for fly-back converter type SMPS(Switching Mode Power Supply) applications, packaged into DIP8, applicable for PRC operation only for small power SMPS.

This IC realizes downsizing and standardizing of a power supply system that reduces external components count and simplifies circuit designs. (Note) PRC is abbreviation of “Pulse Ratio Control”(On-width control with fixed OFF-time).


1. Small sized 8-pin DIP type full molded package, optimum IC for low-height SMPS

2. Oscillator is incorporated in the monolithic control IC with adopting On-Chip-Trimming technology.

3. Small temperature characteristics variation by adopting a comparator compensated for temperature in the control part

4. Low start-up circuit current(50uA max)

5. Built-in Active Low-Pass Filter for stabilizing the operation at light load

6. Avalanche energy guaranteed MOSFET with high VDSS ・The built-in power MOSFET simplifies the surge absorption circuit since the MOSFET guarantees the avalanche energy. ・No VDSS de-rating is required.

7. Built-in constant voltage drive circuit

8. Various kinds of protection functions

・ Pulse-by-pulse Overcurrent Protection(OCP) ・ Overvoltage Protection with latch mode (OVP) ・ Thermal Shutdown with latch mode (TSD) Page 3 STR-A6300 Application Notes (Ver.1.2) 3 LINE-UP OF STR-A6300 SERIES Type Number STR-A6351A MOSFET VDSS[V] 650 rDS(ON) MAX. 3.95 ohm 220 WIDE 100/120 WIDE 100/120 WIDE VIN[V] Pout [W] Note 1 10 8 10 5 5 In MP In MP Production status In MP STR-A6331 500 3.95 ohm STR-A6359 650 6.0 ohm Note 1. The Pout(W) represents the thermal ratings at PRC operation, and the peak power output is obtainable by approx. 120%~140% of the above listed. When the output voltage is low and ON-duty is narrow, the Pout(W) shall become lower than that of above. Page 4 STR-A6300 Application […]


STR-A6351A Datasheet