STR-F6454 PDF – STRF6454 – Regulator IC

Part Number: STR-F6454

Function: Regulator IC

Package: SIP 5 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanken


STR-F6454 pdf



STR-F6454 is a hybrid IC consists from power MOSFET and a controller IC.

Combining the power MOSFET and the controller IC in a single package simplifies the design process and enhances the reliability of the overall circuit, making it easier to implement power electronics solutions in various applications. These hybrid ICs are commonly used in power supplies, motor drives, inverters, and other power management systems.

STR-F6454 pinout pdf

1. OCP/FB : Overcurrent / Feedback Pin

2. S : Source Pin MOSFET source

3. D : Drain Pin MOSFET drain

4. Vin : Power supply Pin Input of power supply for control circuit

5. GND : Ground Pin Ground


1. Oscillator is provided on the monolithic control with adopting On-Chip Trimming technology.

2. Small temperature characteristics variation by adopting a comparator to compensate for temperature on the control part.

3. Low start-up circuit current (100uA max)

4. Built-in Active Low-Pass Filter for stabilizing the operation in case of light load

STR-F6454 pdf regulator


STR-F6454 PDF Datasheet

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