STRZ2154 PDF Datasheet – ZIP 15 Pin – STRZ-2154 – Sanken

Part Number: STRZ2154

Function: STR-Z2154 circuit

Package: SIP 15 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanken, Toshiba


STRZ2154 datasheet pinout



STRZ2154 is electronic component is brought into production by SANKEN.

TVs contain a range of integrated circuits that perform different tasks to enable the display, audio, and other features of the television. Here are some common types of ICs found in TVs:

1. Flat Panel Display Controller (FPDC): This type of IC, as mentioned in the previous response, is responsible for controlling the operation of the TV’s flat panel display, whether it’s an LCD, OLED, or another technology. It manages image processing, signal generation, timing control, and other display-related functions.

2. Audio Processing ICs: These ICs handle the audio signals from various sources and process them to produce the sound output from the TV’s speakers. They might include features like surround sound processing, equalization, and audio amplification.

3. Tuner ICs: Tuner ICs are used to receive and decode broadcast signals, including those from over-the-air antennas, cable, or satellite sources. They’re responsible for selecting specific channels and converting them into a format that can be displayed on the TV.

4. Video Processing ICs: These ICs handle video signal processing tasks such as deinterlacing, upscaling, color correction, and noise reduction. They ensure that the video content displayed on the screen is of high quality.


STRZ2154 pdf sanken

STRZ2154 PDF Datasheet

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