STRZ2154B PDF Datasheet – SIP 15, Sanken, STR-Z2154

This part is used in the color TV models 1460XSH and 1465XR manufactured by Toshiba.

Part Number: STRZ2154B, STR-Z2154

Function: Voltage Regualtor for Color TV

Package: SIP 15 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sanken, Toshiba

Images:STRZ2154B sanken pinout


This is Voltage Regualtor. A voltage regulator is an electronic device that is used to maintain a constant voltage level, regardless of changes in load or input voltage.

The STRZ2154B is a specific integrated circuit (IC) manufactured by Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. It is commonly used in electronic power supply applications, particularly in power converters for TVs, monitors, and other consumer electronics.

1. It serves as a switching regulator controller, allowing it to efficiently convert and regulate the input voltage to the desired output voltage.

2. The IC incorporates a power Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET), which is used for switching and controlling the flow of power in the power supply circuit.

The device also includes various protection features to safeguard against overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating conditions, helping to enhance the overall reliability and safety of the power supply system.


Pinout and blockdiagram:

STRZ2154B pdf datasheet



STRZ2154B PDF Datasheet

STRZ2154B pdf

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