STV9302 PDF Datasheet – Vertical Deflection Booster

Part Number: STV9302


Package: HEPTAWATT 7 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics


STV9302 pinout datasheet


The STV9302 is a vertical deflection booster designed for monitor and TV applications. This device, supplied with up to 32 V, provides up to 2 App output current to drive the vertical deflection yoke. The internal flyback generator delivers flyback voltages up to 60 V.

A Vertical Deflection Booster, also known as a Vertical Output IC (Integrated Circuit) or Vertical Output Amplifier, is an electronic component used in CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) televisions and monitors. Its primary function is to amplify and drive the vertical deflection current that controls the vertical movement of the electron beam in the CRT, which is responsible for drawing the image on the screen.

In a CRT, the electron beam sweeps horizontally across the screen to form one line, and then the vertical deflection circuitry moves the beam down to start the next line, creating a raster pattern. The Vertical Deflection Booster plays a crucial role in generating this vertical deflection.


• Power Amplifier

• Flyback Generator

• Output Current up to 2 App

• Thermal Protection


STV9302 pdf

STV9302 PDF Datasheet