SVI3102D PDF Datasheet – Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: SVI3102, SVI3102D

Function: Audio Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 14 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sanyo, Panasonic

Images:SVI3102D pdf datasheet amplifier


SVI3102D is Stereo Audio Power Amplifier ( Power Module ).

An audio power amplifier is an electronic device used to increase the amplitude or power of an audio signal. Its primary function is to take a low-power audio input signal, such as from a microphone, musical instrument, or audio player, and boost it to a level suitable for driving speakers or headphones.

The main purpose of an audio power amplifier is to make the sound audible at higher volumes without distorting the audio quality significantly.

Audio power amplifiers can be found in various audio equipment, such as home theater systems, stereo receivers, professional audio systems, musical instrument amplifiers, and many other audio devices where sound needs to be amplified for loudspeakers or headphones.


SVI3102D PDF Datasheet

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