SW-110-PIN PDF – GaAs SPDT Reflective Switch ( Datasheet )

Part Number: SW-110-PIN

Function: GaAs SPDT Reflective Switch

Package: Ceramic SSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: MA-COM


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SW-110-PIN image


M/A-COM’s SW-110-PIN is a GaAs MMIC SPDT reflective switch with an integral silicon ASIC driver. This device is in a 16 lead ceramic surface mount package. These switches exhibit excellent performance and repeatability from DC to 3.0 GHz, with very low DC power dissipation. The SW-110-PIN is ideally suited for RF/IF communications applications. Environmental screening is available. Contract the factory for information. Functional Block Diagram Rev. V6 Ordering Information.


• 1 dB Compression Point: +39 dBm Typical, -8V Control

• IP3: +65 dBm Typical, -8V Control

• Insertion Loss: 0.45 dB Typical

• Low Power Consumption

• Fast Switching Speed

• Hermetic Surface Mount Package

• 50 Ohm Nominal Impedance

• Lead-Free CR-9 Package

• 260°C Reflow Compatible

• RoHS- Compliant  […]

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SW-110-PIN Datasheet