T240XW01-V1 PDF Datasheet – 24 Inch, Display Module

Part Number: T240XW01-V1

Function: 24 Inch, Display Module

Manufacturer: AUO

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This specification applies to the 24 inch Color TFT-LCD SKD T240XW01-V1. This LCD Open Cell Unit has a TFT active matrix type liquid crystal panel 1,366×768 pixels, and diagonal size of 24.02 inch. This module supports 1,366×768 mode. Each pixel is divided into Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels or dots which are arranged in horizontal stripes. Gray scale or the brightness of the sub-pixel color is determined with a 8-bit gray scale signal for each dot. The T240XW01 V1 has been designed to apply the 8-bit and 1 channel LVDS interface method. It is intended to support displays where high brightness, wide viewing angle, high color saturation, and high color depth are very important.


1. Active Screen Size: 24.02 [ Inch ]

2. Display Area: 531.7155 (H) x 298.944 (V) [ mm ]

3. Outline Dimension: 546.80 (H) x 314.10 (V) x 1.8 (D) [ mm ]

4. Resolution: 1,366 x 768 [ pixel ]

5. Pixel Pitch: 0.38925 [ mm ]

6. Pixel Arrangement: RGB horizontal stripe

7. Display mode: Normally Black

8. Display Colors: 16.7M (8-bit for R,G,B) [ color ]

T240XW01-V1 datasheet

The T240XW01V1 requires two power inputs. One is employed to power the LCD electronics and to drive the TFT array and liquid crystal. The second input for BLU is to power inverter.

T240XW01-V1 PDF Datasheet