T3049NL PDF Datasheet – T3/DS3/E3 Eight Transformer

Part Number: T3049NL


Package: SOP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Pulse ( www.pulseeng.com )

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T3049NL is Eight Transformer.

T3, DS3, and E3 are terms used to describe different types of digital transmission standards for high-speed data communication. These standards are often used in telecommunications and networking applications. A T3/DS3/E3 transformer is a type of electronic component used to interface and isolate signals in systems that utilize these standards.

Here’s a brief overview of each standard:

1. T3: T3, also known as DS3 (Digital Signal 3), is a digital transmission standard that operates at a signaling rate of 44.736 Mbps. It is commonly used for high-speed data transmission over long distances, such as in telecommunications networks and large-scale data centers.

2. E3: E3 is a European digital transmission standard that operates at a signaling rate of 34.368 Mbps. It is similar to T3/DS3 but is used primarily in European telecommunications networks.



1. Eight transformers in a surface mount package

2. Models matched to leading transceiver ICs

3. Return loss meets requirements of G.703

4. Recognized by UL1950 (some parts pending approval)

5. Isolation voltage: 1500Vrms

A T3/DS3/E3 transformer is used to couple, isolate, and match impedance between circuits that operate at these high data rates. It provides electrical isolation between different sections of a circuit while allowing signals to pass through. Transformers used for T3/DS3/E3 applications are designed to handle the specific frequency and voltage requirements of these standards.



T3049NL PDF Datasheet