TA8659 PDF – Video-Chroma-Deflection Sub-system, Toshiba

Part Number: TA8659

Function: IC for TV Video ( Multi-Color Video-Chroma-Deflection )

Package: DIP 64 Pin

Manufacturer: Toshiba


TA8659 datasheet pdf


The TA8659 is an NTSC / PAL / SECAM video-chroma-deflection sub-system with the teletext interface circuit. The device includes all of the functions required to realize a multicolor CTV in conjunction with a PIF / SIP IC, in a 64-lead, shrink-type, dual-in-line plastic package.


1. Forced system selection

2. Automatic system change by a sub-carrier detection

3. Realized a full automatic multi-color processor

4. The mode change output can be used for switching the external components or circuits.


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TA8659 pinout toshiba

Chroma Deflection

Chroma deflection typically refers to the manipulation of color information in a video signal. In older cathode-ray tube (CRT) televisions, this involved adjusting the electron beams to precisely position the colors (red, green, and blue) on the screen. In modern digital video systems, it involves encoding and decoding color information using techniques like YUV or RGB.

TA8659 PDF Datasheet

TA8659 pdf



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