TC118 PDF Datasheet – Single-channel DC Motor Driver

Part Number: TC118

Function: Single-channel DC motor driver

Package: DIP 8, SOP 8 Pin Type


Images:TC118 pdf pinout


TC1181 is Single-channel DC Motor Driver. A DC motor driver is an electronic device or integrated circuit (IC) that is designed to control the operation of a direct current (DC) motor. DC motor drivers provide the necessary current, voltage, and control signals to drive and control the speed and direction of DC motors in various applications.


1. Single-channel built-in power MOS full-bridge driver

2. Drive forward, backward, stop and brake functions

3. Built-in hysteresis thermal effect overcurrent protection function

4. Low on-resistance (1.0Ω)

5. Maximum continuous output current up to 1.8A, peak value 2.5A

6. No need for peripheral filter capacitors

TC118 datasheet

Key features and characteristics:

1. Voltage and Current Ratings: DC motor drivers are designed to handle specific voltage and current requirements of the connected DC motor. It’s important to choose a driver that matches the specifications of your motor.

2. Motor Control: DC motor drivers offer control over motor speed, direction (clockwise or counterclockwise rotation), and sometimes braking or coasting modes.

3. H-Bridge Configuration: Many DC motor drivers use an H-bridge configuration, which allows for bidirectional control of the motor by using four switches (transistors or MOSFETs) to control the current flow through the motor.

4. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Control: DC motor drivers often use PWM signals to control the average voltage applied to the motor, thus controlling the motor speed.


1. Toy motor drive

TC118 PDF Datasheet