TC118 PDF Datasheet – Single-channel DC Motor Driver

Part Number: TC118

Function: Single-channel DC motor driver

Package: DIP 8, SOP 8 Pin Type



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TC1181 is Single-channel DC Motor Driver.


1. Single-channel built-in power MOS full-bridge driver

2. Drive forward, backward, stop and brake functions

3. Built-in hysteresis thermal effect overcurrent protection function

4. Low on-resistance (1.0Ω)

5. Maximum continuous output current up to 1.8A, peak value 2.5A

6. No need for peripheral filter capacitors


1. Toy motor drive

1 INA 2 INB 3 C VDD 4 8 OUTA NC 1 7 PGND INA 2 6 AGND INB 3 5 OUTB VDD 4 8 OUTA 7 PGND 6 AGND 2 3 4 INA INB VDD I 接合 INB 决定状态 I 接合 INA 决定状态 P 电源正极 5 OUTB 5 OUTB O 全桥输出 B 端 DIP-8 TC118D SOP-8 TC118S 6 AGND G 地 7 PGND G 地 8 OUTA O 全桥输出 A 端 四、 绝对最大额定值 参数 符号 电源电压 VCC DIP-8 功耗 Pd SOP-8 B 热阻 DIP- […]

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TC118 Datasheet