TDA11105PS PDF – TDA11105 – IC For TV, DIP 64, NXP

Part Number: TDA11105PS, TDA11105PS/V3/3/AT6, TDA11105PS/N2/3

Function: IC for Color TV

Package: DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: NXP, ETC


TDA11105PS datasheet



This is IC for Color TV. The TDA11105PS is an integrated circuit (IC) manufactured by NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips Semiconductors).

This IC is a digital signal processor (DSP) IC specifically designed for use in television receivers and related applications.

1. Video Signal Processing: The IC is designed to handle various video processing tasks, such as video synchronization, luminance and chrominance processing, and color demodulation for PAL (Phase Alternating Line) and SECAM (Séquentiel couleur à mémoire) television systems.

2. Audio Signal Processing: It can process audio signals, including sound carrier demodulation and stereo audio decoding.

3. On-Screen Display (OSD): The TDA11105PS may include support for OSD generation, allowing the display of text and graphics on the television screen.



TDA11105PS PDF Pinout


1. Users can edit LOGO, display LOGO when booting and no signal

2. Have perpetual calendar and game features

3. Compatible with FS and VS tunerTV

4. With switch screen pull function, up and down mode and left and right mode optional





TDA11105PS PDF Datasheet

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