TDA1200 PDF – VHF / UHF Direction Finding Antenna Array

Part Number: TDA1200

Function: VHF / UHF Direction Finding Antenna Array

Manufacturer: Trdiran

Images:TDA1200 PDF


A VHF/UHF direction finding antenna array is a system composed of multiple antennas arranged in a specific configuration to determine the direction of incoming radio signals in the very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) bands. It is commonly used in radio direction finding (RDF) applications, where the goal is to locate the source of a radio signal.

The TDA1200 Direction Finding Antenna Array is the most advanced DF atenna array for the VHF / UHF frequency bands.

The TDA-1200 is especially designed for fixed and mobile shelter installations for spectrum monitoring and communication intelligence (COMIT) applications.

TDA1200 Antenna Array


1. Wide aperture DF antenna array

2. Fequency range of 20 to 3000 MHz

3. Excellent sensitivity

4. Built-in Lighting arrest


Here are some key aspects of a VHF/UHF direction finding antenna array:

1. Antenna Configuration: The array can be configured in various ways, such as a linear array, circular array, or planar array. The specific configuration is chosen based on the desired performance, application requirements, and available space.

2. Phased Array: In many cases, the antenna array employs phased array techniques, where the signals from each antenna are combined with specific phase shifts. This allows the array to create constructive or destructive interference patterns, steering the sensitivity of the system towards different directions.


TDA1200 Datasheet PDF

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