TDA7266 PDF Datasheet – 7 + 7 W Dual Bridge Amplifier

Part Number: TDA7266


Package: Multiwatt15 Type

Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

Images:TDA7266 pdf amplifier


The TDA7266 is a dual bridge amplifier specially designed for TV and Portable Radio applications.

A dual bridge amplifier, also known as a full-bridge amplifier or H-bridge amplifier, is an electronic circuit configuration commonly used to drive loads such as motors, speakers, or other devices that require bidirectional control. It’s often used in applications where precise control of the load’s direction and amplitude is needed.

The dual bridge amplifier consists of two bridge amplifier circuits, each capable of controlling the voltage or current across a load in one direction. When combined, they enable bidirectional control.


1. Wide supply voltage range (3 – 18 V)

2. Minimum external components

(1) No SWR capacitor

(2) No bootstrap

(3) No boucherot cells

(4) Internally fixed gain

3. Standby and mute functions

4. Short-circuit protection

5. Thermal overload protection

PIN CONNECTIONS:TDA7266 datasheet pinout

TDA7266 PDF Datasheet