TDA9330H PDF – I2C-bus Controlled TV Display Processor

Part Number: TDA9330H

Function: I2C-bus Controlled TV Display Processor

Package: QFP 44 Pin Type

Manufacturer: NXP


TDA9330H pdf datasheet


The TDA9330H series are display processors for ‘High-end’ television receivers which contain the following functions:

1. RGB control processor with Y, U and V inputs, a linear RGB input for SCART or VGA signals with fast blanking, a linear RGB input for OSD and text signals with a fast blanking or blending option and an RGB output stage with black current stabilization, which is realized with the CCC (2-point black current measurement) system.


1. YUV input and linear RGB input with fast blanking

2. Separate OSD/text input with fast blanking or blending

3. Black stretching of non-standard luminance signals

4. Switchable matrix for the colour difference signals

5. Blue stretch circuit which offsets colours near white towards blue


Other data sheets are available within the file: TDA9332H, TDA9333H

TDA9330H Datasheet PDF