TDA9370 PDF – Microprocessor, DIP 64 ( Datasheet, Pinout)

Part Number: TDA9370, TDA9370PS

Function: Microprocessor ( CPU )

Package: DIP 64 Pin type

Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductor


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TDA9370 image


1. Maintenance information

Here is the circuit block diagram of the super chip TDA9370, as shown in Figure 2. In the figure, the function code of each pin and the direction of signal output/person flow (indicated by arrows) are marked, and the function, voltage and resistance test data of each pin are further explained in the form of a table, and the transistor model, application parameters and Replacement model. This is very helpful for overhauling TDA9370 super chip color TV.

(1) Internal circuit

The internal circuits of TDA9370 mainly include: microprocessor (CPU); image intermediate frequency signal processing circuit; luminance, chrominance processing and demodulation circuit; RGB primary color signal matrix conversion circuit; black level extension, image clear and sound notch


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TDA9370 Datasheet

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