TDA9570H PDF Datasheet – IC for Mobile Phone ( PDF )

Part Number: TDA9570H

Function: IC for Mobile Phone

Package: QFP 80 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips


TDA9570H datasheet



TDA9570H is power management chip. A power management chip, also known as a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) or power management unit (PMU), is an essential component in modern electronic devices, particularly in mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other portable gadgets. Its primary function is to manage and regulate the power supply and distribution within the device, ensuring efficient power usage, longer battery life, and overall optimal performance.

R778 1K5 R777 680R R776 330R R774 KEY01 180R TV101 + 10uF/50V C620 10uF/50V R610 R609 R611 R633 100K AUD2R 2K2 C630 C625 1n 4u7F/100V RS601 CSB503F58 + RIPPLE REJCT SIGNAL GND POWER GND MUTE/ST-BY SWITCH +B SUPLLY + 10K + R631 C623 + C627 100K100K TDA1517 IC601 C618 2.2uF/100V C621 1n + W1 SPARK + C619 10uF/50V OUT-L OUT-R 1uF/100V C632 OUT-R EXT.R R608 2K2 5V 12V CN601 R612 R613 100K 100K – 4 C640 + 10uF/50V FL601 LEFT AGC SDA SCL AS 5V CN1701 KEY02 2.2uF/100V VOLR779 470R MENU R783 270R ON/OFF C622 100kpF/25V 4u7F/100V AUD1R 470uF/16V SW704 CN+ SW706 SW707 FI SW705 C617 C624 15n C626 47uF/25V 33V + + 3 C646 1 3 4 5 7 9 11 5V + 8R FIO601 C644 12K RM701 38KHz 100uF/16V R109 OUT-L DBX STEREO ADJUST NOISE DETECTOR 10n 12K R103 100R TDA9850 C641 220KpF/16V IC604 JACK1 R706 10uF/50V GND L-R/SAP L-R/SAP L+R SAP DEMODULATOR GND GND MAD LOGIC, I2C TRANSCEIVER SDA SCL VCC INPUT LEVEL ADJUST 1uF/100V + 12K 47R BZX55C33RL +5V R102 680 R643 VIDEO1 1K R652 22uH R104 100R + R621 12K 22K 0R 1 R106 + LD701 + STEREO DECODER OUT-L AUDIO1L 1 2 3 AUDIO1R 1 + 1uF/100V 180V C609 R775 470R 4,7uF/100V 10uF/50V 47uF/25V R637 100k C655 1uF/100V R113 56R/2W SDA 1 R615 8K2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 C613 470n 14 15 16 C616 + 10uF/25V(LL) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1K5 2 + R640 100K R651 470uF/16V C648 + 47uF/16V 10V R636 2k2 VCC DZ601 C656 C107 C633 GND C106 R618 100kpF/25V R645 100R 100R 10KpF/50V/Y5P C638 R644 1K AUD1L C612 10n AUD1R AUD1L REMOT VIDEO1 LED SCL AGC FI 47n AUD C653 SDA 3V3 FRONT C607 100kpF/16V 220n 9V CTRL1 CTRL2 +5V 1K 100R SDAV C614 SCLV R635 100k R649 C615 4,7uF/100V R653 1K 160R 10uF/50V C610 12V + R619 4,7uF/100V C611 C654 C608 R626 R606 100R + EXT.L AUD2L MUTE R634 2k2 + SCL + R607 + 2K2 BC846B Q601 R646 1K + R253 +VDR KEY1 AGC -VDR FI STBY 2,2uF/100V SVHSC SVHS 10K 1871M/ SF101 3 C204 22n CTRL1 CTRL2 LED L702 10uH + 8V SVHS C205 KEY2 + R303 100R 100R 1 4 R302 2 5 R251 10n 100R C212 4 C213 100n C719 22n C401 C404 4n7 2n2 C720 100uF/16V 10n C772 1KpF/50V R252 75R 1n 1n C501 1uF/100V 22K 1uF/100V 220n C306 C305 C403 R254 39K R301 C405 C730 + + 1K 1408014700 TP2148 HPS 2185 FS 1408015700 C301 100n/160V 220n V901 A51QDX993X003MST 1n A51QDX993X005M R629 R642 10K 10K C771 1n C660 C659 3V3 R781 100R R782 R403 3V3 1K2 MODELO HPS 2185 MAKRO (ARG) HPS 2185 FS WESTPOINT HPS 2185 MAKRO (VEN) 24 23 AGCOUT 22 21 C601 1n2 4K7 4K7 THERMAL PROTECTION 5V 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 11 1 20 19 18 VDRA 17 VDRB 16 15 DecBG 14 Gnd3 13 12 R721 R722 5V NON-INVERTING INPUT Vp2 AVL/EWD VpDig VssC/P SUPPLY VOLTAGE 26 330p SndPLL P2.6/PWM5 P2.5/PWM4 78 79 P3.0/ADCO 27 AVL/REFOUT/SNDIF AUDIO2 AUDIO3 HOUT FbiSo SCP 1 2 3 4 GND C602 100R 3k9 3V3 FLYBACK GENERATOR 5 OUTPUT IFin2 SI […]



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TDA9570H PDF Datasheet