TEC1-12704 PDF Datasheet – Thermoelectric Cooling Module

This post explains for the semiconductor thermo module.

The Part Number is TEC1-12704.

The function of this semiconductor is Thermoelectric cooling module.


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TEC1-12704 pdf


The TEC1-12704 is Thermoelectric cooling module. This is a device that utilizes the principle of thermoelectric effect to transfer heat from one side of the module to the other. This device typically consists of thermoelectric materials sandwiched between two heat sinks, with electrical connections made to each of the thermoelectric materials. When a voltage is applied to the thermoelectric materials, heat is transferred from one heat sink to the other through the thermoelectric effect. This can be used for cooling or heating applications.

Thermoelectric cooling modules are often used in electronics to cool components such as CPUs and GPUs, as well as in scientific and industrial applications where precise temperature control is required. These devices have several advantages, including high efficiency, fast response time, and the ability to cool or heat objects to specific temperatures. However, they are relatively expensive and can be difficult to install and maintain.

TEC1-12704 datasheet

Parameters :

1. Internal resistance : 3.02 Ω ± 10%

2. Imax. : 4.0 A

3. Vmax. : 15.4 V

TEC1-12704 PDF Datasheet

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