UBA1702 PDF – Line Interrupter Driver and Ringer

Part Number: UBA1702

Function: Line Interrupter Driver and Ringer

Package: DIP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: NXP


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The UBA1702, UBA1702A performs the high voltage interface and ringer functions of the corded analog telephone set in close cooperation with a microcontroller and transmission circuit. […]


1. Driver for the line interrupter that can be either a PMOST when UBA1702 is used or a PNP when UBA1702A is used

2. Adjustable over-current protection

3. Adjustable over-voltage protection for transmission circuit

4. Adjustable mute (dialling mode voltage; DMO or NSA)

5. Adjustable current loop detection (hook switch status)


1. Telephone sets with software controlled ringer function

2. Telephone sets with electronic hook switch.

UBA1702 Datasheet