UP6281 PDF Datasheet – 12V MOSFET Driver

A MOSFET driver is a specialized integrated circuit (IC) designed to provide the necessary electrical signals to drive metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) efficiently and effectively. MOSFETs are commonly used as electronic switches in a wide range of applications, including power electronics, motor control, voltage regulation, and more. A MOSFET driver ensures that the MOSFET is turned on and off rapidly and reliably, optimizing its performance and minimizing switching losses.

Part Number: UP6281

Function: 12V MOSFET Driver

Package: SOP 8 Pin, WDFN 3×3 Type

Manufacturer: uPI Semiconductor

Images:UP6281 pdf pinout


The UP6281 is a dual, high voltage MOSFET driver optimized for driving two N-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronousrectified buck converter. Each driver is capable of driving a 5000pF load with 30ns transition time. This device combined with uPI multi-phase buck PWM controller forms a complete
core voltage regulator for advanced micro-processors.

The uP6281 features adaptive anti-shoot-through protection that prevents cross-conduction of the external MOSFET while maintains minimum deadtime for optimized efficiency. Both gate drives are turned off by pulling low OD# pin or high-impedance at PWM pin, preventing rapid output
capacitor discharge during system shutdowns […]


1. All-In-One Synchronous Buck Drivers

2. Bootstrapped High-Side Driver

3. Adaptive Anti-Shoot-Through Protection Circuitry

4. 1 PWM Signal Generates both Drivers

5. Tri-State Input for Bridge Shutdown

6. Output Disable Control Turns Off both MOSFETs

7. Under Voltage Lockout for Supply Input

UP6281 datasheet


1. Core Voltage Supplies for Desktop, Motherboard CPUs

2. High Frequency Low Profile DC/DC Converters

3. High Current Low Voltage DC/DC Converters

UP6281 PDF Datasheet