UP7534 PDF Datasheet – Current Limited High-side Switch

Part Number: UP7534

Function: Power Distribution Switch

Package: OP-8 , SOT23-5, MSOP-8, and PMSOP-8 Type

Manufacturer: uPI Semiconductor

Images:UP7534 pdf pinout


The uP7534 is a current limited high-side switch designed for applications where heavy capacitive loads and shortcircuits are likely to be met. This device operates with inputs from 2.7V to 5.5V for both 3V and 5V systems. Its low quiescent current (25uA) and standby current (<1uA) conserve battery power in portable. The power switch is controlled by a logic enable input and driven by an internal charge pump circuit.

The uP7534 features glitch-blank fault flag that is asserted by overcurrent, overtemperature, or input undervoltage lockout. The 8ms glitch-blanking time allows momentary faults to be ignored, thus preventing false alarms to the host system.



1. Compliant to USB Specifications

2. Operating Range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V

3. 75mΩ (5VIN MSOP) High Side MOSFET Switch

4. 25uA Typical Quiescent Current

5. <1uA Typical Shutdown Current

6. Over Current/ Short Circuit Protect

7. Thermal Shutdown Protection

8. Deglitched Open Drain Fault Flag

UP7534 datasheet


1. Notebook and Desktop PCs

2. USB Power Management

3. ACPI Power Distribution

4. Hot-Plug Power Supplies

5. Battery-Powered Equipments

UP7534 PDF Datasheet