UTC78040 PDF Datasheet – Vertical Deflection IC

This post explains for the semiconductor UTC-78040.

The Part Number is UTC78040.

The function of this semiconductor is Vertical Deflection IC.

Package: TO-220B-7L Type


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UTC78040 pdf pinout

Pin no. Pin name

1. Input(-)
2. Vcc2
3. Blanking pulse
4. GND
5. Output
6. Bootstrap
7. Input(+)


The UTC78040 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for use in the vertical deflection circuit of monitor and small color television receivers.

A Vertical Deflection IC, often referred to as a vertical deflection amplifier or vertical output IC, is an integrated circuit used in cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays and older types of television and computer monitors. Its primary function is to control the vertical deflection or movement of the electron beam in the CRT, which is essential for drawing and refreshing the vertical lines and images on the screen.


1. Built-in power amp.

2. Built-in blanking generator

3. Built-in thermal protection

4. Large output current : 1.8Ap-p

5.  High maximum voltage

6. DC coupling application

Block Diagram

UTC78040 datasheet

1. Vertical Deflection Control: The Vertical Deflection IC is responsible for generating the signals that control the vertical movement of the electron beam in the CRT. It ensures that the electron beam is rapidly scanned from the top to the bottom of the screen, creating the vertical lines of the displayed image.

2. Sawtooth Waveform Generation: The IC generates a sawtooth waveform, which is used to drive the vertical deflection coils or yoke. The varying voltage of the sawtooth waveform causes the electron beam to move vertically in a controlled and synchronized manner.

UTC78040 PDF Datasheet