VTF PDF Datasheet – Single In-Line Resistor Networks

Part Number: VTF

Function: Single In-Line Resistor Networks

Package: SIP Type

Manufacturer: Vishay Siliconix


VTF pdf datasheet


VISHAY Thin Film resistor networks are designed to be used in analog circuits in conjunction with operational amplifiers. Engineers can use these circuits to achieve an infinite number of very low noise and high stability circuits for industrial, medical and scientific instrumentation.

Single In-Line Resistor Networks, often abbreviated as SIL resistor networks or SIL arrays, are electronic components that consist of multiple resistors packaged together in a single in-line package. These resistor networks are designed to provide a convenient and space-saving solution for applications that require several resistors with specific resistance values.


1. Lead (Pb)-free available

2. Off-the-shelf delivery

3. Wide variety of standards

4. Small size (SIP)

5. Standard designs – no NRE

6. Low capacitance < 0.1 pF/PIN […]

2 page

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VTF PDF Datasheet